You can think of a Kodi Addon as a base application that increases the functionality of the main application. There are actually thousands of add-ons that can be connected inside Kodi that will turn this media center application into the best online streaming platform.

Kodi presents a listing of add-ons through its official repository but there are thousands of extra add-ons accessible through different sources on the Internet. How to setup IPTV on KODI?

Some of the common favorite Kodi add-ons grant access to movies, television shows, live tv streams, and live sports events. These add-ons are created to explore the Internet for media content and assist the video or audio streams within your Kodi.

Kodi add-ons are constantly developing, modernizing, and being produced. So be sure to explore the internet frequently for any type of special addon you may need on your Kodi device. Add-ons are open for any platform that can install the Kodi program.

Kodi add-ons normally come in a .zip format and can be connected with very little work by utilizing the addons section below the settings tab inside Kodi.

Kodi Repository

Kodi repository or “repo” is a feature which includes various Kodi add-ons that are split up into different sections. You can also install a Kodi repository that includes multiple add-ons that could all serve you in one place. You can find more information at:


With a repository, add-ons are constantly being updated once a brand-new or greater version has been released. Kodi repositories are additionally installed like different add-ons, by a .zip file inside the Kodi settings section.

What is a Wizard in Kodi?

A Kodi Wizard normally adds a list of various features that you can pick to install on your Kodi. A wizard may also add some helpful gadgets that can assist with buffering issues and other problems.

You will notice that everything described before such as add-ons and repositories is regularly all mixed into a wizard. The Kodi Wizards can also be established as a .zip file within Kodi settings section.

ARES Wizard

ARES wizard is a Kodi add-on that provides you with the tools you need to lower the buffering issues while watching IPTV streams as well as doing maintenance, getting back up and doing a factory reset on your Kodi.

IPTV Simple Client

This is a basic PVR Addon for receiving IPTV channels and EPG directly in your Kodi application. IPTV Simple PVR Client supports Kodi IPTV m3u list, streaming of Live TV for multicast/unicast sources, and even allows you to listen to Radio channels and EPG.

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